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Name: Ella

species/Race: MLP pony

Gender: Female

Current Residence: EverFree Forest

Age: 900 billion years old.

Appearance: slim build, has a stubby nose and a sun flower cutie mark. She also has long legs and deep green eyes.

Her most notable feature is her hair that appears not solid and more like a mist, it glows in the dark in the shade of pinkish purple.  Her hair is long and reaches down to her knees when on all fours.

Personality: Very shy and very caring, especially since she looks after those that others hate and fear, she tries very hard to keep her dangerous flock of animals and monsters well behaved.

Abilities: despite shyness she is very athletic and fit, her reflexes, strength, speed and jump are beyond normal in skill of any earth pony. Her hair also has a mystical magic of its own that makes all that are near by it feel safe and secure.

History: She was born from nature, woven literally from magical vines from beneath the earth and brought to life with the magic of everfree forests spirit. Since her birth her life has been rough and dangerous, she willingly cares for the many monsters found in the forest, in the past she was often swung into branches, squashed and basically beaten to a bloody pulp. As she tolerated her great amount of pain and survived every mistake from the skin of her teeth, she grew stronger and wiser, to the extent that getting hurt by fearsome monsters were very rare for her. Her name may be Ella but many know her as the guardian of Everfree forest and rightly so as it is her that keeps the true most deadly at bay.  

When she see's other ponies of her own kind is when she becomes shy and unsure, she avoids them like the plague and many even wonder if she exists.
Had to make one some time :D
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March 29, 2013
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